Pancake Rocks


Difficulty Moderate

Time 6.5 Hours

Round Trip Elevation 1,670 Feet

Starting Elevation 9,700 Feet

Distance 6.3 Miles

Area Pikes Peak



Best Hikes Near Colorado Springs describes the Pancake Rocks Trail this way: “one of the finest day hikes in the Pikes Peak region. The trail offers it all–spectacular mountain scenery, willow-lined beaver ponds, hillsides of shimmering Aspen, far-reaching views, and unusual granite rock formations.”

Enjoy a popular four-season hike with unique rock formations, astonishing views and subalpine zone vegetation; including Blue Spruce, Limber Pine, and Aspen trees. You will appreciate the challenge and rewards of hiking at higher elevations without the extra stress of trying to summit a fourteener!  This is also a great hike if you also want to explore Cripple Creek.


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